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"Madonna laid the law down to me before we went out, "I am NOT going to Disneyland, okay? That’s out.” I said, “I didn’t ask you to go to Disneyland.” She said, “We are going to the restaurant and afterwards we are going to a strip bar.” I said, “I am NOT going to a strip bar, where they cross-dress. I am not going to go there.”

I think afterwards, she wrote mean, nasty things about me in the press. And I said that she’s a nasty…witch.”

— Michael Jackson on his relationship with Madonna.


Patience has a limit.


Remember The Time - Behind The Scenes


Michael’s smile could end wars and cure cancer


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"One of the best moments is right here, it’s right in the middle of the show and it’s my birthday,and I’m thousands of miles away from my family. When they surprised me with a full marching band and then they brought out a huge beautiful birthday cake… I realized I’ve got family all over the world everywhere I go, cause my fans really show me their love… and I love them just as much."


Tito Jackson at Atlantic City, July 6th 2014, talking about Michael Jackson’s voice as a child.

"It was myself, Jackie and Jermaine and Michael and Marlon were just little bitty babies. They wanted to be in the group. "Can we be in the group?" ‘No, you’re too young." We were out playing one day at high school. We hear this voice singing and it sounded like a bird. It sounded so good we threw the ball down and ran to the door, gave a listen and looked over…and it was our brother, Michael. And you know we rushed home and said, "Michael, you in the group."



OMG the last gif! She’s like, “FIRE ME BITCHES, I GOT WHAT I WANTED. Suck it and peace bitches!”


Some of my favourite pictures from the bad era. (long post lol)